In 1973 Albini rented a house on the Grand Canal in Venice.
In April 1973 he held a fashion show in Venice, at Caffè Florian,
presenting the WA collection for AW 1973-74, men’s and women’s wear.
The outfits were named after Venetian Doges and noblewomen.
The show opened with six wedding dresses.

The greatest. Walter Albini is still for me today the essence of Italian High Fashion…
I will never forget the show at Caffè Florian in Venice. Wonderful moments.
A collection that made one think of Chanel, in a very Italian way.
Gardenias all over the place, the essence of sophistication.
Walter has always been extremely modern.
When I think of Italian fashion, I think of Albini and no one else.

Manolo Blanik

In just two years, Walter Albini has become one of the main proponents of fashion.
When he presented his collection in Venice,
press and buyers came from all over Europe and America.
He doesn’t just design single garments but creates a complete set,
clothes that I have to define seductive and sensual.
With the exception of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld,
no other designer has had a greater impact in recent years.

Sunday Times, 20 may 1973, Leslie Field

To the question: why Venice?
Albini replied: I want to bring fashion out of the provinces,
that’s why I look for different environments
where the clothes can have a new life.

Walter Albini